Thursday, February 4, 2010

anthro fitting room pictures

I apologize to everyone for the delay on these reviews... it has been a crazy couple of days at work and I just haven't had much spare time. Now that I finally have a few spare minutes - on to the reviews! :)

I loved the Star Sprinkled Cardi when I first saw it online... the color and embellishment makes it a truly unique piece. My store didn't have an extra small, so I ended up trying on the small and to be completely honest, it was pretty boxy and the length was super short... just not the most flattering on my body. I really wanted to like this cardi and I did love the color and embellishments in real life, it was just the shape that really turned me off. For $188, I want an AMAZING cardigan that is perfect in every way and this just didn't do it.

I wasn't even planning on trying on anything an anthropologie (I was just there to browse during my lunch break), but when I saw this dress I knew I had to try it on! The print is so cute and the colors are gorgeous. I tried on a size zero and it fit perfectly. Definitely going back for this one! :)

I have been waiting and waiting for the Rising Vapor dress to show up at my local anthro stores and I finally I was in luck! I tried on the extra small and the fit was just right. The material is super comfy and at $98 the price isn't bad either. Some of the reviews online mention that the ruffles are not on the sides of the dress, but that didn't bother me one bit. 

The Vanilla Bean Blouse is the perfect girly girl top... and I think that's why I love it! I took a size zero and I love that the length is long enough for my long torso. The top is so pretty and feminine... I can imagine dressing it up with a pencil skirt and cardi or just wearing it with jeans. Some reviews have mentioned that the sash doesn't stay well, but I just tied it pretty tight and it seemed to work for me... this definitely goes on the wishlist!


  1. You look lovely in all of these! I think the Vanilla Bean Blouse is a must for you, and I'm happy to see someone else didn't have an issue w/the sash!

  2. I love the first dress. Did you buy it?

  3. Oh, I saw the second dress at the store last and I did not try it on. I love it on you. I think I need to go back. Too bad we are getting 16-24 inches of snow starting tomorrow!

  4. Kim - Thank you! I agree, the Vanilla Bean Blouse is so cute and the sash was not a problem for me at all!

    Simply JCrew - Thanks! I didn't end up buying the first dress, but I wanted to so bad! The print is adorable and the fit was amazing. Definitely on my wishlist.

    Rosa in DC - Thanks! The second dress is super comfortable and stylish... I think you should definitely go back to try it on! Bummer about the snow though... at least that saves you from buying spring clothes... it's sunny here in CA so I think I need all the spring Anthro clothes... not good for my wallet, ha!

  5. I love the second dress on you. And the Vanilla Bean blouse looks great on you! Can't wait to read the reviews.

  6. What is the first dress you tried on? It's lovely. I don't see it online yet.

  7. Vanessa, you are just so gorgeous in all those pieces, and everything in general! I am almost scared to visit your blog again because I know I am never going to look as stunning in any of all of those Anthro items you try on and I will just get discouraged from buying them. Actually, that sounds like an excellent savings plan ;)

    Anyway, a couple of my blog readers pointed me here when I was wondering after the beautiful We Love Vera dress you are wearing (the first dress) which I had seen while abroad. I am very glad they did, I will be visiting regularly from now on! (If only for the sake of my wallet, and not my self-esteem ;) )

  8. Ohh, that first dress is sooo amazing on you! I am bummed it's not on-line yet. I can hardly wait to read your review of it since we are similarly sized I am anxious to know what you thought of it. The print is stunning and it looks like the definition of Spring.

  9. Hi goldenmeans! You are too sweet with your comments and I'm so happy to have you as a reader! I just scrolled through your blog and you have amazing style and some gorgeous anthropologie pieces. I'm drooling over your Freshly Fallen Coat!

    I fell in love when I tried on the first dress (We Love Vera). Such an adorable print and the fit was amazing! I tried it on at the Anthropologie at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA in case you wanna call :) I took my normal size in anthropologie dresses. I was in a hurry when I was trying things on, so I didn't get it, but you can bet I'm going back! :)