Sunday, January 31, 2010

anthro fitting room reviews

I was automatically drawn to the Breeze Along Cami, for obvious reasons (ruffles), and it is so pretty in real life! I tried on my normal size zero and the fit was perfect. I feel like I already have so many ruffle camis like this though, so I passed.

I was so excited to finally see the Snow-Covered Fields Dress at my local Anthropologie! I really wanted to love this dress, but it just didn't end up working for me.... I tried on a size zero and the top part fit perfectly, but the bottom part was pretty snug across my hips, which led to some bunching across the tummy area. I guess I technically could size up to a 2, but I would be afraid that the top part would be too loose. At 5'7" the dress came a few inches above my knees, which is higher than I usually like, and also means that I can't wear it to work comfortably. I may go back and try on the size 2, but for now the dress was a pass.

I have to admit, the Reed Shirtdress didn't initially catch my attention, but then when I saw it on the Anthro website under the 50's inspired outfits it definitely caught my eye. I immediately fell in love with the dress once I tried it on... The colors compliment each other perfectly, the fabric is really soft and the flare on the skirt is super flattering. I could see ladies with larger chests having to size up though because there was just barely enough room for me in the chest area. I also think I have fairly small arms, but because of the rolled sleeves the arm area was a little bit tight on me. This is a comfortable, flattering, casual spring dress and I definitely recommend it... it ended up coming home with me! :)

The colors and shape initially drew me to the Fragmented Pipevine Dress. I tried on a size zero and the fit was perfect. The skirt is pretty poofy, but I don't mind that in dresses at all :) Overall, the dress was really cute, but it just didn't blow me away like some of the other anthro dresses. Maybe I'll come back to this one after a sale. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jcrew spring

You'll probably notice the skirt I'm wearing in this picture is from my jcrew new arrivals post... what can I say? Jcrew always manages to get me with their pencil skirts! As much as I wanted the new floral petal top I paired it with in the photo, I told myself I already had things to pair with it in my closet. I paired it with a white, silk cami and lavender cardigan, but I could also see a dark grey or rust color top going great with it as well. I stopped by jcrew again after work yesterday and they had all of the new spring stuff out, and while I liked some of the new arrivals there was nothing that I really had to have - *whew*!

Skirt: Jcrew Spring 2010
Sweater: Jcrew Forever Cardigan
Cami: Jcrew Kelsey Ruffle Top

Monday, January 25, 2010

lime juice dress

I wore my lime juice dress to work today for the second time... I wanted to take pics the first time I wore it, but I spilled some lunch on it (I'm very clumsy) and I figured pictures of the dress with a food spot wouldn't be the most flattering... Thank goodness I have a good drycleaner!

The lime juice dress was part of the new spring anthro arrivals and while I wasn't that crazy about it from pictures online, I immediately fell in love when I tried it on in the store. The color is so pretty and unique and I love the ruffles and tie neck. I was a little worried about the dress wrinkling because it is silk and I sit in an office all day... I'm gonna be honest, the dress does wrinkle a bit, but it's really not that bad! I took these pics after a long day at work of sitting at my desk and you can see some wrinkles, but they really aren't that distracting.

Dress: Anthropologie Lime Juice Dress
Sweater: Jcrew
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt

FINALLY... some jcrew new arrivals!

After what felt like forever, some new stuff is finally coming to jcrew stores! They were just putting stuff on the racks tonight, so I may go back tomorrow and see if there are any additional cute items. After seeing the look-book for spring I wasn't too excited about any of the new arrivals, but I was glad to see that the stuff in stores wasn't really the stuff that was in the look book and there were actually some cute items!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my new baby

Pretty Nappa Linda Clutch by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Saturday, January 23, 2010

even more anthropologie new arrivals

Pictures and reviews of the new arrivals :)

Ever since I saw the Larkspur Caplet Dress online I had been waiting very patiently for it to arrive in stores. This dress looked so gorgeous online, but I was getting a bit worried when I saw the bad reviews it was getting on the anthro website... I took my regular size 0 and the fit was just right. I do have to agree with the reviews on the anthro website that say that the material is very thin... for an $188 dress I expect the material to be more substantial. The picture of the dress online is also a bit deceiving because it is actually a halter style dress and there isn't any material covering your back except for the caplet. I'm 5'7" and the dress went right to my knees, so I could see this being too long on shorter girls. Overall the dress was just okay to me and maybe something I would pick up on sale...

Lace and ruffles? Yes please! :) The Bayeux Top is so pretty and feminine - I love it! I took my normal size extra small and it fit great. The top was a little short on my long torso, but something I could definitely deal with. I would pair this with a lighter pink cardigan and grey pencil skirt for work. 

I don't have too many jersey type shirts, but the floral print and ruffles on the Suave Shell were really calling out to me. I tried on the grey one that is online, but they also had one that was navy in the store. I took an extra small in the top and it was just the right kind of flowy. The ruffles laid perfectly across the floral print is just too cute!

The flower details on the Pratia tank are so cute! I took an extra small in the top and it was a little loose fitting, but I just think that's the way the top is supposed to fit. I wasn't too crazy about the bubble hem, but the material was super soft and I like the flower embellishments because they're a great way to spice up a regular jersey top. 

It was love at first sight with the Off The Tie Rack Blouse... The print, the cut, the colors - everything about it is beautiful! I took a size zero and it fit like a glove. Everything about this top is so unique and I loved it! My only problem is I really only like to purchase items that I can wear to both work and on the evenings/weekends and this top is definitely not work appropriate... It was because of this reason that I didn't end up getting the top, but I keep thinking that this top is also just too pretty to pass up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

straight outta the anthropologie catalog

Yes, I got the idea for this outfit from the January Anthropologie catalog... but when you see the skirt and shirt together in real life you can see how well they really do go together. I posted my review of both items two posts below. The skirt is pretty bright for my conservative office, so I paired it with a long, black cardigan to tone everything down a bit!

Blouse: Anthropologie Frills and Stripes Blouse
Skirt: Anthropologie Gainsborough Pencil Skirt
Cardigan: Jcrew Forever Cardigan

so cute <3

Tory Burch Heart Ballerina Flats

Friday, January 15, 2010

anthropologie new arrivals round 3

Even more anthropologie new arrivals!

I was so excited to finally see the On A Wing blouse at my local store. Okay, I'm not gonna lie here, the buttons on the side of the top are a pain in the BUTT! I think it took me almost 10 minutes just to unbutton and then re-button them... what I do for fashion! That being said the top, is lovely.... I love the draping and the fit. I usually take a size zero in anthro tops, but the smallest size at my store was a 2 in this top and the size 2 fit great.

I'm normally not a fan of t-shirts... I like skirts and dresses and ruffles and everything girly, but there was something about this shirt that was calling out to me... I think I have a thing for random prints. I took a size xs in the Country Manor top and it's super soft and comfy. I really liked this top, but before I go back and get it I need to think of some ways in which I might dress it up a bit.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the frills and stripes blouse... I mean, I like ruffles, but this is A LOT of ruffles! I know I'm copying the catalog here, but the Gainsborough Pencil Skirt really does go perfectly with the top. The blue of the top matches the blue in the skirt almost exactly and it just brings everything together. I went with a size 2 in the skirt and even then it was still pretty form fitting. The skirt is also high-waisted, so it went all the way up to my natural waist. This is the perfect spring/summer outfit... or outfit for now in CA :)

With the Sun Dot Dress looks can be deceiving... I wanted to like this dress, I really did, but there was just way too many things wrong. I went with my normal size zero and what you can't see too well in the picture above is that there are pleats right where the top bodice ends. Because the rest of the dress is form-fitting, the pleats just add volume to the tummy area and I automatically look like I'm five months pregnant... I'm not...

The dress just gets worse in the back... Okay, so I may have a little more junk in the trunk than the average girl, but because of the pleats on the back of this dress it made me look like I had another butt right on top of my normal butt... an extra long, double butt was what this dress gave me... I think that is my worst nightmare... I immediately took the dress off!!

After the horror that was the Sun Dot Dress I was a little nervous to continue to try on dresses, but everything turned around when I tried on the Around the World dress. Girls, this dress is gorgeous... go out and get it now! I tried on the size zero and the fit was perfect. The skirt definitely has some volume to it, but just the right amount, and it also has pockets (I am a sucker for pockets in dresses)! This is the perfect spring/summer dress!

I like the dress so much I started spinning! weeeeee!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh marc!


Pretty Nappa Linda Clutch by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Friday, January 8, 2010

anthropologie new arrivals round 2

Another round of anthropologie new arrivals...

I haven't seen this top on the anthro website just yet, but as soon as I saw the teal color, ruffles and cute print in the store I snatched it up! I didn't catch the designer, but this top is adorable! It is a silk material and flowy and the color is gorgeous. Also, who wouldn't want little parachutes on their top?? :) I think I'm definitely going back for this top, I can't stop thinking about it!

I haven't seen this top on the anthro website yet either, but how cute is it? Slap some bows and ruffles on any top and I immediately want it! The top has grosgrain straps and the back of the top is a solid black jersey (the ruffles don't go all the way around). The top also comes in a cream color.

The buds and stripes top just popped up on the website and I was excited to see it in my local store. The front of the top is a silk material with a floral print, while the back of the top is more like a jersey print with black and white diagonal stripes. I love the contrast of the prints on the top and the fit was very flattering.

When I saw the Akebia dress online I loved the colors and the print of the dress and the dress didn't disappoint in real life. I usually try and buy dresses from anthro that I can wear to work and on weekends and while I loved this dress, I thought that the tiered ruffles on the bottom of the dress were a little too frilly for the workplace. That being said, I love the dress for weekend wear!

The last dress isn't on the website and I liked the dress in theory with the lace and ruffles, but the material was just too thin and the print didn't knock me out like some of the other dresses in store right now.

I am still holding out on this beauty to show up in stores... so pretty... *sigh*