Wednesday, December 30, 2009

anthropologie new arrivals

I went to anthropologie today to check out some of the new arrivals...

First up is the Raveneli Blouse. I am a sucker for anything with ruffles and a tie neck, so I was obviously excited to see this top in store! The shell print is adorable and although the material is a little thin I would probably wear a cardigan over it anyway.

Next is the Emmer Corset Top. I really wanted to like this top after seeing it online, but it is SUPER short in real life... granted I do have a bit of a long torso, but this top barely covered my belly button! I did love the shape of the top and the eyelet at the bottom, but it's just way too short...

I wasn't sure about the Lime Juice Dress online, but after trying it on in person at anthropologie I love it! The dress is such a pretty, unique shade of green that went really well with my skin tone and the fit was flattering as well. I'm 5'7" and the dress came right to my knees, so I could see how the dress might be too long for someone shorter. The dress came with a tie belt, but I imagine replacing it with a thicker, brown belt.

I really wanted to like the Here & There dress, but I tried it on in my normal size 0 and it fit great on the top half, but was just a little too tight across my hips and caused some bunching. I really liked the print and shape of the dress though... maybe I'll go back and try a size 2 eventually. I also like the fact that I could throw a cardigan over this dress for work, but also wear it out for dinner or on the weekends. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

model for a day

Dress: Nanette Lepore Kharma Dress
Sweater: Jcrew Cashmere Tie Front Cardigan

Monday, December 21, 2009

snowscape tank

This top was just too pretty for me to pass up...

Top: Anthropologie Snowscape Tank
Sweater: Jcrew Corwin Cardigan 
Jeans: Jbrand

Sunday, December 20, 2009

rodarte for target

So I'm at Target super early yesterday morning to beat the crowds and buy some necessities. Although I should be focusing on the stuff I really need to purchase at Target I somehow manage to work my way to the clothing department...

I didn't even know about the Rodarte for Target collection, but they had the whole collection there and even had small sizes (this never happens!) I immediately was drawn to the print on the Crepe Lace print dress and tried it on in a size small. The fit was a little big around the waist and upper half, but it was still cute and for $35 I figured why not just get it??

For a casual look I paired it with my leather jacket from Anthropologie and flats, but will probably dress it up for work with a long cardigan and heels.

Dress: Rodarte for Target Crepe Lace Print Dress
Jacket: Anthropologie Washed Leather Racer Jacket

Thursday, December 17, 2009

night blooming dress

Yeah, so I LOVE this dress... okay, okay, yeah, I say that I LOVE every one of my dresses, but still... this one is my latest favorite! I am always a sucker for the dress that looks like a shirt/skirt and the print on the top part of the dress is just too cute to pass up. I paired it with the forever cardigan from jcrew, but can't wait until it gets warmer and I can wear it sans sweater. My only problem with the dress is that the skirt part gets pretty wrinkly... I do sit down for most of the day, but still, wrinkling bugs me... I'll get over it...

Dress: Anthropologie Night Blooming Dress
Sweater: Jcrew Forever Cardigan
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite belt

Monday, December 7, 2009

berry tights spotlight

It's actually getting cold here in California! I had been eyeing the berry bush tights for a while and now that the weather is starting to get cold I finally went out and got them and planned a whole outfit around them... I even curled my hair :)

Dress: DVF Geometric Detail Dress
Sweater: Jcrew Forever Cardigan
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt
Tights: Anthropologie Berry Bush Tights

Monday, November 30, 2009

new jcrew sweater

It was a long day back at work... so I decided I would have wine and cheese for dinner... that's okay for a Monday night, right??

This sweater isn't up on the jcrew website just yet, but it was selling out at the stores so fast I had to pick one up.

Sweater: Jcrew
Dress: Banana Republic

Sunday, November 29, 2009

can i have this pretty please?

I need this skirt... I wonder how long I can hold out...

That being said, I do find the jcrew styling of this skirt quite odd... who would pair such a pretty skirt with a hoodie and distressed boots???

Saturday, November 28, 2009

tattered silk tank

I got this little beauty at the Malibu Jcrew Collection store yesterday.... Don't get me wrong, it it way over the top and fluffy... but that's why I love it! :)

Shirt: Jcrew Tattered Silk Cotton Tank
Sweater: Jcrew Clustered Constellation Cardigan
Jeans: Jcrew Destroyed Matchstick Jeans
Boots: Steve Madden


I don't think I have posted any of my weekend outfits on this blog yet, so I took the time yesterday to snap some pictures of my Thanksgiving day outfit. I wore another one of my obsessions... an anthropologie dress. I can't say enough good things about this dress - the fit is amazing, the print is unique and the pop of color in the back of the dress just makes it that much more amazing! I paired the dress with a jcrew boyfriend cardigan from a few seasons ago and my Matt Bernson gladiators (love).

Dress: Anthropologie Crop Patterns Dress (Plenty by Tracy Reese brand)
Sweater: Jcrew
Sandals: Matt Bernson gladitors

Thursday, November 26, 2009

dear anthropologie...

why do you have to do this to me? just when i think i don't need any more of your dresses you go and update your site with another gorgeous dress i MUST have... ugh, please let me have self control....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ravine dress

My jcrew order came!! I love everything! The wool ribbon ravine dress in rosebud is such a pretty color and flattering dress! It is a little shorter than I'm used to and hits a couple of inches above my knee (I'm 5'7"), but I love the detailing at the neckline. I added a little sparkle with the clustered constellation cardigan.

The crystal waterfall earrings are so pretty... I heart them...

Dress: Jcrew Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress
Sweater: Jcrew Clustered Constellation Cardigan
Earrings: Jcrew Crysal Waterfall Earrings

jcrew new arrivals

I was bored after work today and decided to stop by jcrew and take a look at the new arrivals...

I was excited to see the sequined starland tank because it looked so cute online! It is definitely very pretty in real life, but the size zero was even a little too big on me and I felt like it was such a statement piece I could only wear it a few times. The nude color was way too close to my skintone as well... Final assessment - cute, but would probably wait for a sale and get the black color instead.

Next I tried on the Ikat floral skirt. When I saw this print online I fell in love with the beautiful colors and I was so excited to try it on today. The colors on the skirt are gorgeous in real life, but the material is very weird... it says online that it is silk, but it is more of a taffeta type of material.... I guess maybe that means it would wrinkle less? I loved this skirt, but they didn't have a size 0 in my store and the 2 was too big... :(

Okay, so I tried on the Gypsy rose metallic cami next and all I can say is what a disappointment! It is super shiny in real life, not like the subtle shine in the picture online, the shape is super boxy and the flower in the front is waaaay to overwhelming!

The frosted jacquard pencil skirt did not catch my interest when I saw it online, but it is super pretty in real life! I tried on the rose gold color, but they also just had a gold color in store. I tried on my normal size, but it was pretty form fitting... similar fit to the dazzling dots pencil skirt.

Last, I tried on the bijou top. I almost ordered this top from the 20% off sale, but I held off thinking that I would like to see if in real life first. This top is so pretty and flattering! I really like that the jewels are the same color as the top, which makes them a bit more subtle.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

deco skirt

So I am back to having an outfit comprised completely of jcrew today... I actually think I copied this look from one of the catalogs a few months back. I love the print on the deco shirred skirt and have been dressing it up with a silk cami, sweater and heels for work, but dressing it down with a tee and flats on the the weekends.

Skirt: Jcrew Deco Shirred Skirt
Cami: Silk Pleated Posy Top
Sweater: Jcrew Forever Cardigan

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i was bad...

I took advantage of the jcrew 20% off code...

leopard cardigan

One of jcrew's new arrivals is the merino watercolor leopard cardigan and because I already have the skirt in this print I was unsure about getting the sweater as well... I held out for a little bit without purchasing, but I kept thinking how well it would fit into my wardrobe and ended up getting it this past weekend. I wore it over the weekend with a teal dress from anthropologie and incorporated it into my work wardrobe today.

Sweater: Jcrew Merino Watercolor Leopard Cardigan
Cami: Jcrew Victoria Cami
Skirt: Banana Republic High Waisted Lightweight Wool Skirt
Necklace: Jcrew liberato necklace

lily cardigan

Sooooo, I feel like it's been forever since I posted! I have been so busy with work, but I am making myself get back in the habit of sharing my outfits :)

While my outfits are usually comprised primarily of jcrew, I actually threw some banana republic and anthropologie into the mix yesterday. The outfit is built around the Elodie Lily Cardigan from anthropologie, which is gorgeous in real life! It has specks of gold throughout the sweater that mix perfectly with the different shades of purple. I first saw it on Anthroholic and I knew I had to have it! Luckily I already had the jcrew Kelsey ruffle top in plum raisin and it matched perfectly. I threw on a neutral pencil skirt and viola! :) I can't wait to wear this sweater with jeans and boots on the weekends as well.

Sweater: Anthropologie Elodie Lily Cardigan
Cami: Kelsey Ruffle Top in Plum Raisin
Skirt: Banana Republic

Sunday, October 25, 2009

new stuff from jcrew

I decided to stop by jcrew this weekend and check to see if they had any new items and I was pleasantly surprised! :)

First up is the Evie ruffled top. When I first saw this top online I wasn't that excited about it, but after trying it on in store I like it a lot more! It's another ruffle top from jcrew, which I already have enough of, but cuter than I was expecting... I held off for now, but may go back later! :)

Next up is the dapple dot cardigan. I loved this sweater when I saw it online and I still love it after trying it on in person. It's so cute and it has little sparkles on the polka dots on the ruffle part of the front. I totally would have gotten the sweater, but they didn't have an xs and the small was just a little too big in the torso... so sad :(

Next is the glimmer pocket cardigan. This sweater is cute, but I feel like it's not special enough to justify the $98 price tag. Maybe if it went on sale I would consider it, but since I have the constellation cardigan I don't need another a sparkly black cardigan...

Last up is a knit top I didn't see on the website. It comes in black, a light pink and heather grey. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the jcrew knit tops, but this one actually fit pretty well and I like the detailing on the neckline.

black, white and grey

I posted a picture a few posts ago of me trying on the constellation cardigan in the jcrew dressing room, but I decided I would post a full outfit showcasing the sweater.

The cardigan is great to add a little sparkle to an otherwise boring outfit and last week I paired it with the polka dot Kelsey ruffle top and banana republic pencil skirt. I have been pretty bored with banana republic lately, but I do have to say that I love this skirt! It's the perfect shade of grey and the fit is wonderful.

Skirt: Banana Republic High Waisted Lightweight Wool Skirt
Cami: Printed Kelsey Ruffle Top
Cardigan: Jcrew Constellation Cardigan

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trellis dress

I was so anxious to wear the anthropologie silk trellis dress I got last week! I can't wait to wear it out and show off the unique back, but threw a sweater over it and belted it for work today. I realized after I put the dress on that it was maybe a little short for work, but so what! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

watercolor leopard skirt

There weren't that many new jcrew items that I was really excited about, but the watercolor leopard skirt was definitely one of them... I ordered it shortly after it came online and was able to take advantage of the 20% off coupon! :)

I think this may be my favorite jcrew pencil skirt to date... I love everything about it - the print, the colors and the fit! I ordered my normal jcrew pencil skirt size and it is a little bit more fitted than some of the other jcrew pencil skirts, but in a good way! I paired the skirt with the merino turtleneck sweater in light berry today, but I am looking forward to pairing it with some lavender to pick up the colors in the skirt in the future.

Skirt: Jcrew watercolor leopard skirt
Sweater: Jcrew merino turtleneck sweater in in light berry
Necklace: Jcrew liberato necklace

Thursday, October 15, 2009

anthropologie dresses

So I have been eyeing all of the pretty fall dresses on the anthropologie website and I finally went to check them out today...

First up is the Silken Trellis Dress... this dress was love at first sight! It fits like a dream and the colors are so pretty! Out of all the dresses I tried on I ended up getting this one. I will wear the dress as is for going out, but will probably throw a sweater over it and wear it to work as well.

Next up is the Crop Patterns Dress. I didn't end up getting this dress, but after seeing it again I'm so sad that I didn't get it... :( The fit is amazing and it's got this great little unexpected area of color in the back. Maybe I'll eventually go back...

Last up is the Cascading Foliage Dress. I was actually the most excited about seeing this dress, but I was least excited about in real life. Don't get me wrong, the colors are gorgeous, but the fabric was pretty flimsy and the fit just wasn't as good as the other two.

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pics... my camera broke and I have yet to get a new one.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

constellation cardigan

I stopped by jcrew after work today to check out any new arrivals. I'm not sure if the full rollout was actually out on the floor because I only saw a few new items. One was the constellation cardigan. I had been eyeing this cardigan online, but always like to see things in person and was glad that it was finally in store. The store had both the black and grey colors and I took my normal size in jcrew cardigans.

Other than the cardigan I saw a few casual printed button up shirts, a few new embellished tees, a shorter wool skirt in the polka dot print and what I think was the double cloth carlin coat in a dark purple color. Nothing other than the cardigan was exciting enough to try on... I hope more new arrivals are coming soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

new jcrew terra dress

Before the new dress, I have my outfit from yesterday...

I like the color of this banana republic skirt, but every time I wear it I feel like a little school girl because of the pleats and its a little longer in length than most of my other skirts... I get a lot of use out of it though, I just wish it was a pencil skirt instead! I love the print on the primrose cardi and of course I'm a sucker for all jcrew printed cardis.... I paired it with the lavender frances cami today, but I'm struggling as to what other colors I can pair under the cardi...

Skirt: Banana Repulic
Sweater: Jcrew Primrose Cardigan
Cami: Jcrew Frances Cami

Now on to the dress!!

I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it on the website... I was going to hold off on getting it, but I wanted to reward myself for a job well done at work this past week!

The dress is a silk and wool blend and such a gorgeous/chic print in real life! I ordered my normal dress size in jcrew, a 0, and the fit is just right. It's a little big in the waist area, which is a problem I usually run into with jcrew dresses, but a belt fixes that problem easily. I'm 5'7" and the dress hit a little bit above my knee, plus it has pockets!

I wore the dress with a blazer today because I had another presentation to make, but imagine wearing it belted with a long, black cardi in the future. I also can't wait to pair it with tights once the weather starts getting cooler.

Here's some more detailed pics of the dress...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

present for myself

My presentation went well and I decided to reward myself with a little treat... :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

business woman

I had a very important presentation this morning and of course I depended upon jcrew for my outfit! Once I found out that I had to make the presentation I immediately thought of Jcrew's tweed pencil skirt. I work in a pretty conservative environment, so I wanted to keep the outfit simple, but also "me" (hence the added ruffles). While I just wore the tweed skirt with basic black and white today, I'm excited about wearing it with some color... I'm thinking purples and teals - some nice, rich jewel tones.

Skirt: Jcrew Wool Tweed Oona Pencil Skirt
Shirt: Kelsey Ruffle Top
Blazer: Jcrew Super 120s 2 Button Jacket