Monday, February 22, 2010

air mail

Anthropologie is just blowing me away this spring! In the past my wardrobe has been split between Jcrew, Banana Republic and Anthropologie... I haven't been to Banana Republic in a while, but lately I find myself choosing Anthropologie over Jcrew. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Jcrew, but lately they just don't have anything that's really impressing me and Anthro continues to have piece after piece that I NEED to have! :)

I tried on the Air Mail skirt in my normal size zero and I was a bit thrown off because as some reviews on the website mention, it is like a pencil skirt with two side flowy panels... slightly confusing. I decided to size up to a 2 and the pencil skirt aspect wasn't as noticeable and the skirt looked more like all one piece. I LOVE the print and waistband detailing, and the skirt has so many colors it it I can imagine pairing it with tons of different tops. 

Skirt: Air Mail Skirt by Anthropologie
Sweater: Jcrew Merino Ethereal Ruffle Cardigan


  1. So pretty! In my mind, I had this paired with a yellow cardi as well ;)

    I happened to try it on earlier today as well, but I made the mistake of not sizing up enough and so it was a little iffy. I am not loving the inner-pencil-skirt part (why couldn't this be just a nice little swingy flowy skirt??), but I *love* this print, so I will see if sizing up works next time I am in store! Hopefully I will look as cute as you ;)

  2. Heard so many negative comments about the skirt but you seem to pull it off. Love that sweater...I also have one.

  3. You look so great in this skirt, so cute! And I really like belt, is that from Anthro as well?

  4. I think the side panels can't kill my love for this skirt! I can't wait to try it on.... in 3 weeks when I go to Chicago... :(

  5. This skirt and the lace skirt you wore before is actually on my wish list! I hope they make it to the sale section so I can scoop them up.
    You look lovely!

  6. Thank you for all the comments! ♥

    Rosa in DC - I'm actually not wearing a separate belt, it's part of the skirt. that's one reason i liked the skirt so much! :)