Tuesday, September 15, 2009

jcrew new arrivals

I went to the Grove after work today and tried on some of the new fall arrivals....

First up, the Deco Shirred Skirt and Silk Pleated Posy top... The Deco skirt is so cute in person and I love the print, but when I tried in on in my normal size, 0, it was pretty short for the workplace. I sized up to a 2 in the skirt so that I could wear it lower on my hips and the length was a lot more appropriate for work. The Posy top is also adorable in real life, but the flowers are a little floppy as compared to pictures in the catalog. I ended up getting the barely peach color as a neutral to pair with my printed skirts. The deep rose color was also really pretty, but I already have a few camis in that color.

Next up is the Kelsey Ruffle top! In this picture I have the size 2 Deco skirt on... a lot better in length, huh? The Kelsey top is really cute in person and although it has a lot of ruffles they lie pretty flat, so it's not too overwealming. The silk felt a little thinner than the Frances and Victoria camis, but the overall fit was similar.

The black and white tweed skirt is cute and very flattering, but I already have the blushed tweed pencil skirt so I decided to pass on this one for the time being... I may go back later though... I have a weakness for pencil skirts :) JCrew also had some embellished tshirts with little rosettes that came in white, navy, grey and a pink color. I'm usually not a tshirt fan, but I really liked this one!

I kept the tweed skirt on with the beaded ribbon front top. This top is sooo much better than the cotton version... it's silk with the ribbon made out of beads and while it is loose fitting it's still flowy and flattering. It's a collection piece, so it may not be at all stores, but I think its worth seeking out... it's such a chic little top!


  1. Thanks for posting! I love the pencil skirt and I am sucker for those, too. I do wish J. Crew would stop with the blousy tops and bring back more fitted tops. I am just so sick of the baggy top look and they aren't that flattering on me.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean with the baggy tops! I guess I have just gotten used to tucking the tops in pencil skirts or belting them to give some kind of definition, but I definitely agree with you that we need some fitted tops from jcrew!! :)