Tuesday, September 22, 2009

business woman

I had a very important presentation this morning and of course I depended upon jcrew for my outfit! Once I found out that I had to make the presentation I immediately thought of Jcrew's tweed pencil skirt. I work in a pretty conservative environment, so I wanted to keep the outfit simple, but also "me" (hence the added ruffles). While I just wore the tweed skirt with basic black and white today, I'm excited about wearing it with some color... I'm thinking purples and teals - some nice, rich jewel tones.

Skirt: Jcrew Wool Tweed Oona Pencil Skirt
Shirt: Kelsey Ruffle Top
Blazer: Jcrew Super 120s 2 Button Jacket


  1. You look very pulled together. Good lick at the meeting.