Monday, September 14, 2009

gossip girl

I wore a repeat outfit last Friday, but I just love this skirt so much I can't help it

Skirt: Jcrew Blushed Tweed Pencil Skirt
Cami: Jcrew Scattered Petals Tank
Sweater: Jcrew

I wore another famous Michelle O skirt on Monday, but I swear I bought it before I saw it on her! Ha!

This skirt is such a memorable print that I really don't wear it that much, but every time I put in on I remember how much I love it! Please excuse the wrinkles as well... I sit in a desk all day. I just realized I am also wearing the same sweater I wore on Friday... oh well! It's such a great neutral sweater to throw on over camis!

Sorry for the short post today... its gossip girl time! :)

Skirt: Jcrew
Cami: Jcrew Silk Garland Cami
Sweater: Jcrew

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