Sunday, October 25, 2009

new stuff from jcrew

I decided to stop by jcrew this weekend and check to see if they had any new items and I was pleasantly surprised! :)

First up is the Evie ruffled top. When I first saw this top online I wasn't that excited about it, but after trying it on in store I like it a lot more! It's another ruffle top from jcrew, which I already have enough of, but cuter than I was expecting... I held off for now, but may go back later! :)

Next up is the dapple dot cardigan. I loved this sweater when I saw it online and I still love it after trying it on in person. It's so cute and it has little sparkles on the polka dots on the ruffle part of the front. I totally would have gotten the sweater, but they didn't have an xs and the small was just a little too big in the torso... so sad :(

Next is the glimmer pocket cardigan. This sweater is cute, but I feel like it's not special enough to justify the $98 price tag. Maybe if it went on sale I would consider it, but since I have the constellation cardigan I don't need another a sparkly black cardigan...

Last up is a knit top I didn't see on the website. It comes in black, a light pink and heather grey. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the jcrew knit tops, but this one actually fit pretty well and I like the detailing on the neckline.


  1. I have been avoiding J Crew due to a lack of funds but you are making me want to go oh so badly!!!

  2. yeah, it was hard not to get everything!! i heard about your job through facebook/your blog... so sorry :( I'm sure you will find a job in no time and you'll like it even more! in the mean time, as hard as it is, try and stay positive... it sounds like you have a great, supportive husband too! :)