Thursday, October 15, 2009

anthropologie dresses

So I have been eyeing all of the pretty fall dresses on the anthropologie website and I finally went to check them out today...

First up is the Silken Trellis Dress... this dress was love at first sight! It fits like a dream and the colors are so pretty! Out of all the dresses I tried on I ended up getting this one. I will wear the dress as is for going out, but will probably throw a sweater over it and wear it to work as well.

Next up is the Crop Patterns Dress. I didn't end up getting this dress, but after seeing it again I'm so sad that I didn't get it... :( The fit is amazing and it's got this great little unexpected area of color in the back. Maybe I'll eventually go back...

Last up is the Cascading Foliage Dress. I was actually the most excited about seeing this dress, but I was least excited about in real life. Don't get me wrong, the colors are gorgeous, but the fabric was pretty flimsy and the fit just wasn't as good as the other two.

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pics... my camera broke and I have yet to get a new one.

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