Friday, January 15, 2010

anthropologie new arrivals round 3

Even more anthropologie new arrivals!

I was so excited to finally see the On A Wing blouse at my local store. Okay, I'm not gonna lie here, the buttons on the side of the top are a pain in the BUTT! I think it took me almost 10 minutes just to unbutton and then re-button them... what I do for fashion! That being said the top, is lovely.... I love the draping and the fit. I usually take a size zero in anthro tops, but the smallest size at my store was a 2 in this top and the size 2 fit great.

I'm normally not a fan of t-shirts... I like skirts and dresses and ruffles and everything girly, but there was something about this shirt that was calling out to me... I think I have a thing for random prints. I took a size xs in the Country Manor top and it's super soft and comfy. I really liked this top, but before I go back and get it I need to think of some ways in which I might dress it up a bit.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the frills and stripes blouse... I mean, I like ruffles, but this is A LOT of ruffles! I know I'm copying the catalog here, but the Gainsborough Pencil Skirt really does go perfectly with the top. The blue of the top matches the blue in the skirt almost exactly and it just brings everything together. I went with a size 2 in the skirt and even then it was still pretty form fitting. The skirt is also high-waisted, so it went all the way up to my natural waist. This is the perfect spring/summer outfit... or outfit for now in CA :)

With the Sun Dot Dress looks can be deceiving... I wanted to like this dress, I really did, but there was just way too many things wrong. I went with my normal size zero and what you can't see too well in the picture above is that there are pleats right where the top bodice ends. Because the rest of the dress is form-fitting, the pleats just add volume to the tummy area and I automatically look like I'm five months pregnant... I'm not...

The dress just gets worse in the back... Okay, so I may have a little more junk in the trunk than the average girl, but because of the pleats on the back of this dress it made me look like I had another butt right on top of my normal butt... an extra long, double butt was what this dress gave me... I think that is my worst nightmare... I immediately took the dress off!!

After the horror that was the Sun Dot Dress I was a little nervous to continue to try on dresses, but everything turned around when I tried on the Around the World dress. Girls, this dress is gorgeous... go out and get it now! I tried on the size zero and the fit was perfect. The skirt definitely has some volume to it, but just the right amount, and it also has pockets (I am a sucker for pockets in dresses)! This is the perfect spring/summer dress!

I like the dress so much I started spinning! weeeeee!


  1. Oh you look lovely in everything!! I hated the On-A-Wing top on myself,but I really love it on you!
    I also adore the Sun Dot Dress on you!

  2. I have a huuuuge crush on the Around The World dress and I love it on you. I am so glad to see it on a person, because I definitely NEED it! You also look good in the Sun Dots Dress- makes me want to try it on!

  3. That first blouse (On a Wing) looks perfect on you!

  4. Ooohh!! I can hardly wait for your reviews. I want to hear about the Sun Dots Dress so badly. I have to say though that the Around the World Dress looks amazing on you and though I hadn't been considering it at all (the catalog shot with the model make it look extremely poufy) I am now reconsidering. It looks like so much fun to wear! Also, the On the Wing blouse looks extremely elegant and lovely.

  5. Looooove the Around the World dress!! And looks fab on you!!!

  6. I love that airplane top! too cute!

  7. The last dress is so cute on you!

  8. Kim - Thank you! I really like the On-A-Wing top too, but I just posted my review on the Sun Dot Dress and it just wasn't flattering on my body in real life... I guess that saves me some money! :)

    Maria - You need to get the Around the World dress!! It's so pretty and girly and I know you'll love it! I got my normal size zero and the fit was perfect.

    Lady Cardigan - Thanks, I think I might have to go back for the top!

    Tina - I just updated the post with my review and I love the Around the World dress. I think every girl should own this dress :) Thanks for the compliment!

    Pamela - Thank you, I'm a sucker for random prints! I'm normally not a t-shirt person though, so I'm trying to think of some ideas on how I might dress it up. Definitely let me know if you have any!

    Gigi - Thanks! I actually didn't end up getting the dress, but I've been thinking about it so much that I think I might have to go back!

  9. The around the world dress looks gorgeous on you! Now I have to try it...

  10. Thanks . ! You definitely need to try the Around the World Dress on, but beware you'll definitely want to purchase once you try it on :)