Sunday, December 20, 2009

rodarte for target

So I'm at Target super early yesterday morning to beat the crowds and buy some necessities. Although I should be focusing on the stuff I really need to purchase at Target I somehow manage to work my way to the clothing department...

I didn't even know about the Rodarte for Target collection, but they had the whole collection there and even had small sizes (this never happens!) I immediately was drawn to the print on the Crepe Lace print dress and tried it on in a size small. The fit was a little big around the waist and upper half, but it was still cute and for $35 I figured why not just get it??

For a casual look I paired it with my leather jacket from Anthropologie and flats, but will probably dress it up for work with a long cardigan and heels.

Dress: Rodarte for Target Crepe Lace Print Dress
Jacket: Anthropologie Washed Leather Racer Jacket


  1. New visitor here. You look cute in the dress. I love the earrings & jacket with it. They did a nice job w/this lace print. Not sure if I'm keeping the dress, but I got the t-shirt w/the lace print & bow tie. I added your post on this to a post I did on Rodarte.

  2. Hi Gigi, glad to have you as a reader and thanks for the compliments on the dress! I love your blog and read it every day! :) Yeah, I love the lace print and its so comfortable I find myself just throwing it on when I can't think of anything to wear. I actually just wore it to work recently with a jcrew blazer over it and I will post the outfit soon.